Waifus on /brit/ take two major forms, 3-D and 2-D


/brit/'s 3-D waifus mainly take the form of actresses such as Cara, Sersh, Sophie, and Maisie. They are all inherently disgusting as they are 3-D women, however Maisie is the worst. She looks like a fucking troll and the only reason she is posted is as a meme or as a the result of extreme and untreated autism. No sane human would ever find her attractive, tbh. Sersh used to be attractive and good waifu material but then she got fat and no one wants a fat slag for a waifu. This leaves Sophie as the best waifu because Cara can go fuck herself.

Sophie metro

The Queen is also a good secondary choice.


/brit/'s 2-D waifus take many forms but the K-ons are the undisputed queens of /brit/. Mio is at the bottom however. Both Yui and Azunyan have decent followings but Mugi is clearly best girl. That is a fact. She is also pure and would never touch a nigger. This means Mugi is the best 2-D waifu on /brit/.